Makeup Application

EVAGARDEN makeup provides long lasting effects. A high quality, hypoallergenic, and paraben free product.  Evagarden helps your skin to look its best, without the damaging effects of pigmented makeup.

Make up Application

Full Makeup Application $60+
Eyes and Lip Application $25
False Eyelash Application(includes lashes) $9.95

Bridal Make-up Application

Bridal Make-up application includes a 60 min makeup consultation before your wedding. Combined with your full makeup application on your special day.

60 min ………..$120

Make-up Lessons

Let one of our artists show you proper techniques, share product knowledge and transform your look.
60 min …………$70
All prices are standard. Additional charges will apply for services requiring extra time or additional products based on the specific needs of the client. A complete quote is available before services are provided.